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Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier of Kilt Accessories.

A full kilt comprises quite a few items than the kilt itself, often known as Kilt accessories. We are the manufacturer and wholesale supplier of kilt accessories.

Kilt accessories can be quite helpful in keeping your kilt in good condition.

You can find various accessories in our stores, such as belt buckles and plates.

Therefore, you can choose from our products depending on your style, preferences and budget.

Kilt accessories are available in different styles and colors. We have a wide variety of colors to choose from, and you can choose the color of your kilt accessories.

You can select the color of your accessories based on your style, preferences and budget. 

Scottish Kilt Accessories we Manufacturers are:

Kilt Belts

Kilt Belt Buckles

Kilt Pins

Fly Plaid Brooches

Glengarry Hats

Balmoral Hats

Sgian Dubhs

Highland Dirks


Highland Unifrom Buttons

Highland Badges