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Sporrans for Sale on Wholesale Prices:

You probably know what a sporran is. But do you know the different types of sporrans? It is a Scottish style of purse worn by men. It was originally used as a bag to store valuables and was made of leather. Wore those bags over the top of a kilt. We manufacture a variety of sporrans. For instance, we offer a leather sporran, an ostrich fur sporran, a deer fur sporran, and a seal skin sporran.

Features of Sporrans:

A sporran normally has fur fronts, a fur gusset, 3–6 decorative fur tassels, and a metal cantle.

A cantle covers the top of a purse or wallet pouch.

Sporrans are traditionally made out of animal skin. They can be made from sheep, goats, or horses. They are often decorated with fur.

The fur used to make the sporrans is harvested from rabbits, foxes, and hares.

The most common fur used to make these sporrans is rabbit fur.

A cantle is a small piece of material that covers the top of a purse.

Benefits of Sporrans:

In the modern world, sporrans have become fashionable accessories. Sporran can be worn around the waist.

There are many styles of fur sporrans. The most common ones are the ones that have a fur lining. It means that the fur is attached to a metal frame.

We use a variety of materials in making sporrans. Some of them include leather, sheepskin, and ostrich fur.

The cantle of a sporran is usually made out of metal.

The Sporrans we are offering are:

Full Dress Sporrans

Semi Dress Sporrans

Leather Sporrans

Horse Hair Sporrans

Sporran Chains