Supplier Of Dress Sporrans:

As the manufacturer of Dress Sporrans, we offer private label services to many international pipe bands and Scottish accessories and clothing sellers. 

Our sporrans are customizable with your logo embossed, giving you a unique and professional look.

We offer a sample with your logo to check the quality before placing a bulk order so that you can be confident in the quality of our products.

The Dress Sporran, in particular, is a more formal version of the sporran and is often worn with kilts at formal occasions, such as weddings or other important events.

Benefits of Dress Sporrans:

A Dress Sporran adds a touch of traditional Scottish flair to any outfit. 

So whether wearing a kilt or a suit, a Dress Sporran will add a touch of heritage and culture to your look.

It can be especially useful at formal events where you may not want to carry a large bag or purse.

How We Work:

At Scottish Tradition, we carelessly craft high-quality Dress Sporrans that are both functional and beautiful. 

Whether you’re a member of a pipe band, a Scottish accessories seller, or simply someone who loves the traditional look of a Dress Sporran, we invite you to contact us to discuss your private label needs. 

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